About The Artist

My art is focused on the human condition, such as courage or hope, love, unity, relationships. It’s an expression of whatever I might happen to be dealing with in my life. After I create a piece, I look into it for some time, and then I see something that I might never have seen before. It’s more of a discovery process, and it’s really thrilling to me.


I pray every day to accomplish my mission as an artist dedicated to world peace by producing art that touches people’s lives. This means to me that no matter what happens in my life, I won’t be swayed in my faith or in my creative life. I’ll continue doing my art.

One of my favorite quotes from Nichiren Daishonin is from “The Eight Winds”: “A truly wise man will not be carried away by any of the eight winds: prosperity, decline, disgrace, honor, praise, censure, suffering and pleasure. He is neither elated by prosperity nor grieved by decline.”


After I graduated with a B.F.A in painting from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1982, I taught there for nine years as an artist-in-residence. Although technically I work with acrylics and oil pastels, I feel any other aspect of my work is really about my spirituality and my Buddhist practice. Technique seems unimportant — it’s really more about listening. Listening and also letting go.